The Scottish Legal Careers Launchpad

A free channel for law students, law graduates, traineeship seekers, trainees and Scottish law firms looking to recruit the best new talent.  We look to launch Scottish legal careers and develop them in the early years of training and qualification. Resources for aspiring and new lawyers with content and support from Scotland`s most progressive law firms...

Graduates of fantastic calibre are being lost to the profession as they can't get traineeships. Equally many firms who could benefit immensely from having such graduates in their business aren't either able to or keen to take on trainees. We are looking to find creative solutions to this disconnect.

Our free Launchpad channel will help law graduates and law firms to connect and hopefully work together. Success would be more legal careers being launched and more firms benefitting from new recruits keen to carve out great legal careers. It's a big challenge but one we think is worth pursuing!

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